Mühldorfer Vet

Mühldorfer Vet for veterinary -a trademark of Valetumed GmbH

The intestine is the seat of health products with words “prebiotic” the innovative therapy accompanying approach.


Good digestion has not only been regarded in Japan since time immemorial as a fundamental prerequisite for a functioning immune system, health and vitality. Health is the basis for an animal’s performance and success.

Especially the intestine reacts highly sensitively to environmental influences, medications and feed deficiencies. The targeted admixture of special components, particularly prebiotic inulin* from Jerusalem artichoke concentrate, not only ensures an effective improvement of digestion in the small intestine, but particularly also in the large intestine region and therefore achieves a comprehensive restoration of the intestines.

Mühldorfer Vet Prebiotic combines an optimisation of active ingredient resorption with new innovative ingredients in a unique vitality principle.

  • unique active ingredient formula
  • patented manufacturing process
  • innovative therapeutic approaches

The integration of prebiotic Jerusalem artichoke concentrate and completely newly developed recipes open up interesting options to accompany therapy.

Inulin* (alant starch) is a polysaccharide that is naturally found in higher concentrations in Jerusalem artichoke. This prebiotic owes its health-promoting effect to its molecular structure. It assumes a special place within the group of dietary fibres.

It constitutes a selective nutritional basis for individual species of intestinal bacteria and can be specifically utilised in this manner for restoration of intestinal flora. So microorganisms with health-promoting influence on the host accumulate in the large intestine.