Tradition and the latest findings from science and research to guarantee our high quality standards in development and production

As a subsidiary of Mühldorfer AG, Valetumed GmbH primarily markets natural products for the veterinary sector.
Mühldorfer AG is a medium-sized company whose philosophy is to develop innovative, high-quality, preferably natural and specially balanced nutritional concepts for animals.

During the conceptualisation of our products we consider the results from intensive fundamental research and many years of experience as well as the latest scientific findings in order to synergistically meld these attributes.

Regular comparison with current research results and close cooperation with diverse scientific institutes and practising veterinarians guarantee a direct connection to new developments and innovative approaches.

This programme for further development in dialogue with prescribers and users is the key to the satisfaction of your patients and at the same time our promise.

All ingredients in our products and the products themselves are subject to the strictest quality controls. Specially developed, particularly gentle processing methods guarantee highest quality, best acceptance and resorption.


We invest more than six percent of our sales in research and development.